Our  Mission

Born from Love. Dreamy Creations was founded by the Mother, Daughter Duo Crystal & Jenica.

We chose a “butterfly”  as the logo, because when we started the company it was a huge life transformation, since basically our old lives came to a quick and sudden death.

The butterfly’s meaning stands for a powerful transformation & endurance. The butterfly communicates our message still as a company today since we are committed to the constant growth and change for the highest good of all.

Our Team is passionate and dedicated to share our handcrafted sweets with you and your loved ones shipped fresh daily. Our commitment to quality and taste is to give everyone in the household consistency & options so the family as a whole can enjoy their  very own personalized Dreamy Creation. We will continue to innovate with the world’s changing demands of dietary restrictions and allergies, to provide delicious, fresh sweet happiness to all.

Our Core Values

As Dreamy Creations grows our core values stay the same. We practice Integrity, Accountability, Perseverance, Diligence & Discipline. It’s our hope that our values transcends through out time and bringings sweet happiness to peoples lives everywhere.

We are Committed to...

Creativity & Innovation -  Faith guides us through Passion, Devotion, Loyalty & Dedication as we innovate. We constantly strive to create the best, most unique tasting sweets & ship fresh daily to you or your loved ones home.

Respect - We value and respect everyone we come in contact with. Whether you are a team member or a guest in store or across the U.S. We consider your experience and well being our highest priority.

Community Connection & Giving Back -  Our commitment to quality is always our priority and so is giving back which is why all left over cupcakes from each day are donated to various, Food Banks, Assisted Living Homes, & Fire Departments. We love connecting with our community. One way we connect is  through our mobile sweet trucks, by profit sharing we donate cash back to fundraisers, local schools and a variety of organizations. We are always talking to people & connecting with the local community as well as creating partnerships on a nationwide level to give back to people all over the U.S.A

Leading & Educating - We teach and assist in Professional Development. We understand as a company we have a duty in our teams lives as  we help guide, teach, and most importantly have fun for the overall enhancement in life. We assess, challenge & Support in enhancing our teams knowledge & skills.

Quality Sweets & Health - We strive to purchase only all natural & organic ingredients whenever available. Our goal is to create consistently, the tastiest & healthiest sweets in the world. With ongoing changing food allergies we strive to purchase the purest, clean ingredients available and create gluten free, vegan, and non artificial sweets that may be shipped fresh daily nationwide.

Chemical free that’s the  best way to bee……..a beautiful…... butter - fly  .. ha :)

Jenica Braddock
Crystal Schaffner
& Team

Tuesday 10 am - 7 pm
Wednesday 10 am - 7pm
Thursday 10 am - 7pm
Friday 10 am - 7 pm 
Saturday 10 am - 5 pm 
Sunday : 10 am - 5 pm
19441 Business Center Dr. Unit 114
Northridge, CA, 91324

2012 Winner of Food Networks Cupcake Wars Tony Hawk’s episode

2013 Winner of Food Networks Cupcake Wars Hanson Brothers episode

Featured in LA MOTTO MAGAZINE 2017 

As seen on Nickelodeon Teen Nick’s Top 10 Holiday Cupcake Decorating

Featured on KTLA Burrous Bites 2017