Purpose & Mission 

Our Purpose : To continue expanding as opportunities are presented. To serve the best desserts that transcends through out time and bringings sweet happiness to peoples lives everywhere. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Dreamy Creations Inc.

Dreamy Creations  logo “a  butterfly” stands for a powerful transformation & endurance. The butterfly communicates our message still as a company today since we are committed to the constant growth and change for the highest good of all. 

Dreamy Creations Inc. Mission:  To be outstanding in all that we do, to create happiness through serving our sweets to everyone all over the United States.

Vision & Core Values

Our Vision : Each day we have the opportunity to come together as a team to work towards a common goal. That Goal is to serve our guests sweet happiness. Our Guests are everyone we come in contact with weather that be in person, on the phone, or through a computer. Our guests are trusting us, as they give us the opportunity to assist them in the most important events of their lives. It is our Goal to give you the best experience and the best product every time. As we work together side by side to accomplish many goals, and challenges we will face, we will grow as individuals and as a team. Our end goal is to inspire sweet happiness on all levels. Our Dream is to create loyal fans as we grow a successful business . 

Ultimately our success is measured by our ability to serve our guests exceptionally well while creating the best desserts we can make.

Jenica Braddock
Crystal Schaffner
& Team