Bringing our Truck to Skid Row

The first time we brought our truck to skid row it was about 9 am and people lined up with excitement. That morning we had a huge event in DTLA so we started work extra early around 5 am to prep for our giveback prior to the event. 

It is very tricky pulling up in a neighborhood you are not familiar with. Lucky we have been donating directly and in partnership with Front Line Foundation for over 5+ years so with Ray Castellani's help we had a great plan.

We have donated over 500,000 cupcakes to homelessness over the years and have learned and seen how important it is to have a good plan, system, and know the community when giving a product away. We really wanted to bring the experience with us in addition to the product this time.

When we pulled up, We quickly had the pleasure of meeting BB. She explained to us how she lives on skid row and knows many people in the community and how she likes to keep the peace among the community. She was so excited  that we were on cupcake wars and asked to take a photo or two :) . She jumped on the truck and together we served some friends, and the community on skid row. 

BB Was just one of the many lives touched that day. Not only to have a experience she was so excited for but many of the people in the community expressed amazement, joy and gratitude. 

Homelessness has been a problem here in California and has only became worse over the past year due to the pandemic and leadership in our state and city. We have met many people trying to get out of the situation they are in but with no opportunity for work they had no choice and were forced to live on the streets. 

Thank you for constantly supporting our small mother daughter business, with your help we are inspiring others, reducing food waste, and spreading sweet happiness.

Thank you

 BB Feeding Skid RowBB Helping Feed Skid RowBB Helping Feed skid Row



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