Donations to the Fire Fighters

In California the amount of Wild fires we have is constant. Our Fire Fighters consistently work so hard to protect us, our homes, our businesses and so much more year around from fires and lives as well as many other things.

We remember having a order placed by a family in porter ranch. Their child almost drowned and the fire department came and saved their little boy. These are just some of heroes that are out there every day doing so much for our communities and families. 

We believe in zero food waste and a great quality product for our customers. One way we consistently quality control, help our community and give back is any un-sold product is donated to a local organization or charity to spread the message of sweet happiness!

Thank you for always supporting our small mother daughter owned store. With your help we hope to continue giving back to our community and give sweet happiness to those who need it most. 

 -Thank you


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