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Dreamy Creations Dessert Truck

Dreamy Creations started serving sweet happiness through our mobile cupcake truck in 2012 after wining Food Networks show Cupcake Wars. Through the support of our community through out Southern California we have been able to expand and provide a big truck and a small truck to continue catering events all over. In 2020 we were hit with a Nationwide Pandemic and Radical changes to our industry greatly affecting the way we operate and our team. We launched new baked goods and games and activities to continue to spread the message of Sweet Happiness to every person we come in contact with. We truly hope to create a dreamy experience for you that your friends, family, co-workers would enjoy. 

Catering Options : We have a wide variety of options and each catering is very custom to each client. Here are just a few options we can provide for your event or company. We have experience serving large crowds of 1,000 + people in short periods of time. 

Ice Cream Truck

 Dreamy Creations Serves a variety of ice cream options. Our signature Flavors are : 

  • Vanilla Crunchy Churro
  • Cream & Cookies 
  • Vegan Chocolate Gelato
  • Sweet Vanilla
  • Custom Ice Cream Toppings bar available for self serve

Cupcake Truck 

Dreamy Creations specializes in award winning cupcakes from creme brûlée to our gluten free and vegan options. We have desserts for everyone to enjoy. Here's a few options to create sweet happiness:

  • Big cupcakes - Including our signature award winning flavors, Gluten Free & Vegan flavors & cold and creamy  cheesecakes (in cupcake form)
  • Mini Cupcakes - Available in our signature flavors including gluten free and vegan options
  • Custom branded cupcakes - Includes a edible photo of your brand, or any image you can dream up the perfect sweet to send a message to your customers, team or friends.
  • Gift Boxes - Our Big cupcakes come with a gift box option where each cupcake is individually wrapped so every recipient feels the love.
  •  Custom Dessert Experience - Creating a custom flavor or look for your cupcakes, a one of a kind experience (minimum order of 1,000)

Cookies & Ice Cream Truck 

Dreamy Creations now offers fresh cookies 🍪. We can pair cookies with ice cream and whipped cream to make cookie sundaes the Dreamy Way!

  • Cookies - Our cookies include a Gluten free vegan snickerdoodle, Chunky Chip a chocolate chip cookie with a twist, and our signature Sprinkle dream cookie a buttery sugar cookie topped with rainbow sprinkles for sweet happiness purposes.
  • Ice Cream - Our 4 Ice Cream flavors come in a 8 oz cup and can be paired with a cookie and whipped cream
  • Combinations - Guests can choose between cookies, ice cream or both!

Experiential Marketing

Dreamy Creations has experience launching many events and campaigns from working with 3rd party companies to directly with only the most influential brands. We have experience form sourcing give away locations to reach the most amount of people, custom wrapping & designing of our trucks, as well as a full custom dessert experience following your lead to make your dream a reality. 

  • Sourcing Locations - Setting up days and times with colleges & high traffic events. We work with top influencers, creators, and tastemakers to blast out  your campaign and event.
  • Games & Experiences - From Life size Jenga, to our spin the wheel we can create custom games to create more of a experience as guests flock to our locations.
  • Custom Vehicle Wrap - We work with the best team who has wrapped our vehicles over 50 + times in addition thousands of others. From the designing to approval to the drop & pick up we can handle it all.
  • Custom Desserts - Branding & Marketing requires attention to detail from the packaging to the product to the taste and experience of the target market. We work with your team to bring your vision to life.

Baked Goods Catering 

Dreamy Creations now offers fresh cookies and brownies! Our cookies and brownies can come pre-packaged for a sweet treat to-go or served fresh!

  • Branding - Dreamy Creations Cookies & Brownies are a great way to brand and market your company, say thank you, serve a sweet treat that's safe. Add your own custom sticker to each package served!