How can we help the world, when we can barley help ourselves?

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How can we help the world, as we struggle to pay our bills, keep food on our table and employ the small staff we have? 

This question constantly runs through my mind prior to covid and even more so now. The answer I am coming up is through our community, open communication, transparency, a honest heart and dedication. With every purchase you make at Dreamy Creations a % of sales is taken and donated back to the people in our community.

Hey I'm Jen, the CEO and Co- Founder of Dreamy Creations. I started this company to help my mom. Through the journey of learning about our food system and my passion for helping those less fortunate I made a decision to continue this path for not only you our customers but our community. My dream is to leave a positive impact on the world. As that saying goes " Dreams come true if you just believe"  I still believe that. We have gone years with out pay checks as founders, as it may be hard to believe I don't mind as long as we can put food on our table and have a warm bed to sleep in at night I'm chasing my dream of bringing people Happiness through cupcakes. Sweet Happiness, and its all because of you.

I have fears and anxiety of letting our customers down, team members, community, not being able to do enough, give enough, how can we give when we aren't even profitable? Should we become a non-profit? We give just as much as a non profit at times and make no money?

We have decided to continue this long journey of spreading sweet happiness near and far no matter how rocky the road ahead may be, because you inspire me to. When we raised our prices I was scared. I was ready to be outcasted like Tom Hanks on Cast Away... But you didn't outcast us, you understood that the rising food costs across the USA affect us too, just as they do all small businesses. Especially with our pure, high quality of ingredients. Some of the messages we received like " I rather you raise your prices over close your doors" made me cry like a baby, and I as a fellow human on the other side of this computer I want to express my gratitude to you for your kindness.

But that didn't make it any less hard even with the support, because our dream is and always will be to offer the most delicious, creative, high quality  sweets for an affordable price. I also realize that we have been giving and helping people in our community all over for years. Technically you have been giving for years and you may have never known! So for full transparency a % of sales go to Give backs. We will be posting more on our blogs with all the give backs we do. Many times we do not photograph out of respect but we understand its not enough to "say" we give back like many do. We like to feel connected. As a small business we will do better about sharing with you all the amazing people you impact as you support our small business. From the fire fighters, seniors living in assistance, boys and girls in foster care, and others all over. It's amazing what a cupcake can bring to someone in a time of need. Ive been lucky enough to experience it first hand and I'm so grateful to you for the opportunity to not just be able to serve you but our community on your behalf. 

Let me tell you about the man in this photo : His name was Billy, I met him on skid row one of my first of many times going down there to distribute food, cupcakes, and clothing with Frontline Foundation founded and run by Ray Castellani. 

Billy was blind, handicapped a retired vet, and had no family.  About 3 years after I met him he passed away. I didn't know him as much as Ray or many others but he was a kind man. Sometimes many people assume the people living on the streets are drug addicts among other things. Sometimes this is true, but like Billy he was just not delt the same hand in life. I may not be able to bring world peace, but I truly believe with your help  we can spread sweet happiness to people like billy who need it most all over. The joy people express when given a quality cupcake from us is overwhelming and even more so when our rainbow truck pulls up just for them.

You did this, you made a positive impact on Billy and SO many other peoples  lives. 

Thank you, Thank you for your help, Thank you for your love


CEO & Co-Founder 


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  • Jeremy Bernstein

    I like your website. Very well made.

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